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Marvin (seated at center in the photo above) loved Stuyvesant Park, spending time there every day from 12-3:15pm, weather permitting. Marvin had memory issues or what he called CRS, “can’t remember sh*t.” But the park was his delight – hearing the children play, watching the flowers bloom and the trees bud, paying for doughnuts for students from Success Academy, listening to the dogs bark and making friends with other neighbors who celebrated his 92nd birthday with him in the park.

Marvin and his wife, Linda, moved to the neighborhood in 2004 from Emerson, NJ. Born and raised in Brooklyn, they were happy to return to the city once their THREE children were grown. Marvin continued to work on 47th Street as a diamond setter, work he loved and did for 55 years, only retiring at 85. When he wasn’t working, he had been an avid gardener at their home in NJ, spending five to six hours every weekend planning, planting, pruning and mowing. His other interest was the stock market until his memory declined three years ago.

Marvin died in April 2022, and “Marvin’s Bench” near 16th Street and Rutherford Place, facing the fountain, is in his memory, a place he often sat, contentedly watching the world go by.

Marvin's Bench

Thank you, Board Member Janice Armstrong, for contributing this lovely remembrance to our newsletter.

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What’s in Bloom

Summer is in full swing, bringing many more blooms. Take a look below for some current highlights in the park!


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Team Up With NYC CLEAN Volunteers

NYC CLEAN Volunteers and a member of SPNA worked hard to clean the streets and sidewalks of our neighborhood last month. New York City Council Member Carlina Rivera met up with the volunteers and expressed her support. It was wonderful to come together as a team to make our city a cleaner and more welcoming place for everyone. We thank NYC CLEAN Volunteers for helping clean the streets around First Avenue and surrounding the park.

You can get in touch with NYC CLEAN Volunteers by emailing Sokie Lee (sokie007@gmail.com) and/or Ken Gray (kennethgray200@gmail.com). You can also join them through their Facebook page: facebook.com/groups/nyccleanvolunteers.

As you’ve very likely noticed, New York City can be a whole lot cleaner. We encourage you to sign the petition to restore and expand the sanitation budget to ensure clean streets for all. The petition advocates to reverse the proposed cuts to sanitation personnel and services, restore composting programs, fund rat mitigation efforts, and invest in zero waste schools. A cleaner city is a safer city. Help us make our city as clean and safe as possible.

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Join Our Pressure Campaign

In order to be more effective in addressing issues in the park and the surrounding community, there are times when one on one communication is not enough and many voices need to be heard. For example, when the Park Department closed the dog run at 6 p.m. without any consultation from the community, we all came together to email and call the Parks Department, Parks Commissioner, Carlina Rivera, and others. The galvanized force successfully got the policy rolled back.

We encourage you to join the approximately 100 people who have signed up for our pressure campaigns to advocate for decisions that better our community. Please sign up and join us in making sure the decision makers and those in power realize the Stuyvesant Square neighborhood is an engaged community and needs to be listened to.

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Update on Our Rat Abatement Program

As everyone is aware, New York City has an out of control rat problem and Stuyvesant Square Park is no exception. The Parks Department only has one exterminator for all the parks in Manhattan, which is not nearly enough to curb the issue.

To help with the problem, SPNA hired a private company to execute a rat abatement program, which has already seen much success. The company uses safe and effective methods for rodent control and does not use any poison. Over 100 rats have been killed so far, with about 40 from the no poison bait station, and our community is noticing the difference.

The program is not cheap and we would like to thank Friends Seminary for their generous donation in support of our efforts. SPNA is hopeful that this program will help everyone who visits Stuyvesant Square – neighbors, volunteers and even our pups – to have a safer and more pleasant park experience.

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