Help keep our park and neighborhood safe! Report crime to 911, issues of concern to 311, and reach out to these officers assigned to our part of the city.

Officer Christopher Keeley

Officer Joseph Cosolito

For Handling Youth Problems:
Officer Philip

Officer Allison Ohagan

NYC311 Website
Need help or information about New York City? Visit NYC311’s website or call 311.

New York City 2nd Council District
Councilwoman Carlina Rivera’s district office can be contacted at

Manhattan Community District 6
Go to for updates on upcoming Community virtual events and District area projects including COVID-19 resources. If you need help with or are having issues with city services, call 212-319-3750 or email

Help us keep everyone in our park safe by following NYC Parks’ rules below:

NO Littering: Put trash where we all know it belongs – in the trash containers.

NO Destruction of Property: Protect the park as if it belongs to you – it does!

NO Destruction or Abuse of Trees, Plants, and Grass: Respect the park’s plantings; they’re beautiful living things.

NO Abuse of Park Animals: Animals are our friends and neighbors, treat them well.

NO Person shall climb or allow any Animal or Child in their custody to climb any Tree, Fence, Statue or Fountain: Stay off these park features to preserve and protect them – and yourselves!

NO Person shall go upon or allow any Animal or Child in their custody to go upon any Grass plot or any area enclosed by Fencing: Keep our park’s protected spaces looking beautiful.