Marvin (seated at center in the photo above) loved Stuyvesant Park, spending time there every day from 12-3:15pm, weather permitting. Marvin had memory issues or what he called CRS, “can’t remember sh*t.” But the park was his delight – hearing the children play, watching the flowers bloom and the trees bud, paying for doughnuts for students from Success Academy, listening to the dogs bark and making friends with other neighbors who celebrated his 92nd birthday with him in the park.

Marvin and his wife, Linda, moved to the neighborhood in 2004 from Emerson, NJ. Born and raised in Brooklyn, they were happy to return to the city once their THREE children were grown. Marvin continued to work on 47th Street as a diamond setter, work he loved and did for 55 years, only retiring at 85. When he wasn’t working, he had been an avid gardener at their home in NJ, spending five to six hours every weekend planning, planting, pruning and mowing. His other interest was the stock market until his memory declined three years ago.

Marvin died in April 2022, and “Marvin’s Bench” near 16th Street and Rutherford Place, facing the fountain, is in his memory, a place he often sat, contentedly watching the world go by.

Marvin's Bench

Thank you, Board Member Janice Armstrong, for contributing this lovely remembrance to our newsletter.