Team Up With NYC CLEAN Volunteers

NYC CLEAN Volunteers and a member of SPNA worked hard to clean the streets and sidewalks of our neighborhood last month. New York City Council Member Carlina Rivera met up with the volunteers and expressed her support. It was wonderful to come together as a team to make our city a cleaner and more welcoming place for everyone. We thank NYC CLEAN Volunteers for helping clean the streets around First Avenue and surrounding the park.

You can get in touch with NYC CLEAN Volunteers by emailing Sokie Lee (sokie007@gmail.com) and/or Ken Gray (kennethgray200@gmail.com). You can also join them through their Facebook page: facebook.com/groups/nyccleanvolunteers.

As you’ve very likely noticed, New York City can be a whole lot cleaner. We encourage you to sign the petition to restore and expand the sanitation budget to ensure clean streets for all. The petition advocates to reverse the proposed cuts to sanitation personnel and services,┬árestore composting programs, fund rat mitigation efforts, and invest in zero waste schools. A cleaner city is a safer city. Help us make our city as clean and safe as possible.