Update on Our Rat Abatement Program

As everyone is aware, New York City has an out of control rat problem and Stuyvesant Square Park is no exception. The Parks Department only has one exterminator for all the parks in Manhattan, which is not nearly enough to curb the issue.

To help with the problem, SPNA hired a private company to execute a rat abatement program, which has already seen much success. The company uses safe and effective methods for rodent control and does not use any poison. Over 100 rats have been killed so far, with about 40 from the no poison bait station, and our community is noticing the difference.

The program is not cheap and we would like to thank Friends Seminary for their generous donation in support of our efforts. SPNA is hopeful that this program will help everyone who visits Stuyvesant Square – neighbors, volunteers and even our pups – to have a safer and more pleasant park experience.