Winter’s Reality Check

Winter's Reality Check

Contribution by Lew Widoff

In September, longtime SPNA neighbor Lew Widoff shared a piece about listening to our jazz concerts in the park. Below is his new piece, titled Winter’s Reality Check, which commemorates the annual changing of the leaves and shift to cooler months.

The change is subtle as days are shortened and choices more restrictive. Gone is the energy of growth and freshness. The surroundings have shifted signaling the closing of a cycle. Through instinct and acquired experiences we adapt to the other side of our planet’s journey. It too follows a pre-directed course controlled by the powers of attraction in which we are just passengers. As Spring enriches life… Fall keeps it in perspective. Browns and Oranges and Yellows are given their final fling as they carpet the ground preparing for the change.

Tradition serves to occupy the spirit during this seasonal ride.Family bonds are reinforced as elders share their wisdom of experiences. They are the fixtures that record the marks placed upon the timeline. These are the cycles that represent the Tree of Life. ~ COGNITO