Phase Two

Caring for Our Trees

In early 2020, SPNA reached out to Bartlett Tree Experts to conduct an assessment of the trees’ needs in Stuyvesant Square Park in order to maintain their health and beauty. Eric Anderson of Bartlett Tree Experts then submitted a three phase plan to SPNA.

Phase One of the plan, which centered on providing key maintenance for the park’s two 100+ year-old heritage elm trees, was executed in January 2021. Thanks to the generosity of our community, which participated in a matching grant provided by Partnership for Parks, we were able to raise the $6,200 needed for Phase One of Bartlett’s plan.

With a $9,300 grant from the Greenacre Foundation, SPNA was able to cover the costs of Phase Two, which entailed pruning trees that cast a heavy shadow over flower beds, preventing the beds surrounding the fountains from receiving sufficient light and air for the plants to grow. This work was accomplished across three days in November. The photos above and below depict work from this phase.

SPNA is very appreciative of Partnership for Parks, of the grant from the Greenacre Foundation, of the work of Eric Anderson from Bartlett Tree Experts, and of the support of the Stuyvesant Square community in our continuing efforts to protect the many beautiful trees in our park.