Honoring Josephine DeJesus

On Friday, June 11th, Councilwoman Carlina Rivera presented Stuyvesant Square Park Crew Chief, Josephine DeJesus with a citation from the City Council for her dedication to our park.

At right is park user Moses Browning, who reported the incident.
Josie’s commitment to the park is on display and undeniable every day, but on June 2nd, her dedication reached a new level when she confronted an arsonist that was setting fires in the east and west sides of the park.

Park user Moses Browning witnessed this terrible incident and contacted Councilwoman Rivera’s office to inform them of Josie’s actions. They immediately wanted to recognize Josie for her extraordinary value to the community.

This ceremony was attended by many members of the community, who were so happy to see Josie’s hard work and dedication recognized in this fashion.

In addition to receiving an award from the City Council, Councilwoman Rivera presented Josie with an award from the United States Senate. That morning, the Councilwoman had breakfasted with Senator Chuck Schumer to discuss funding for our district at our very own Joe Jrs. Senator Schumer passed on the award to Councilwoman Rivera at the meeting.

This is a well deserved honor for Josie, the heart and soul of Stuyvesant Square Park.

Click here to view a snippet of the event.