SPNA needs your help with volunteer coordination.

SPNA needs your help with volunteer coordination. One person has been doing all of the volunteer coordination, from planning events to making sure summer programs can run effectively. Call on your inner cheerleader and come help our program. We don’t just need gardeners; we need communicators who can email, text, call, design posters, flyers, and chat. 

Please email info@spnanyc.org if you can help.


Two hands holding a sign that says: "We need your help!"


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SPNA sponsored volunteers for a master class in gardening

On Thursday night five volunteers went to an NYBG class to learn how to prepare a garden for winter by a master instructor. We learned so many details that we had not known before. Think mulch, mulch, mulch. Much pruning happens once plants go dormant. So we will have things to do this winter. 

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Antonin Dvorak in New York

Nestled in the shade of two large London Plane trees in the northeast corner of the park is a statue of the great Czech composer Antonin Dvorak (1841-1904) who spent almost 3 years as director of the National Conservatory of Music in New York and composed some of his most enduring works including “The New World’ symphony. The symphony, which had its premiere in Carnegie Hall in December 1893, incorporates not only Czech folk music but African American spirituals and Native American themes as well. 


During his short stay in America, Dvorak, his wife and six children lived at 327 East 17th Street, opposite where his statue now stands. In the early 1990s, the building was designated a city landmark but the decision was quickly rescinded and the building demolished in 1991. Artifacts and memorabilia from Dvorak’s years in the city, including a marble mantelpiece from his home, period furnishings and a commemorative plaque that was once affixed to the facade of his house, are now exhibited in the Dvorak Rcom at the Bohemian National Hall on the Upper East Side.


The statue, created by celebrated Croatian-American sculptor Ivan Mestrovic, was given to the New York Philharmonic in 1963 which commissioned the New World Symphony but it was not displayed until it was relocated to Stuyvesant Square Park in 1997 by the Dvorak American Heritage Association in cooperation with the NY Philharmonic and Stuyvesant Park Neighborhood Association. It’s fitting that this park is its permanent home.

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September 11th, 6-9PM, Sunday Night Jazz

Join us for our last jazz night out. Weather should still be fine with less bugs. Bring your picnic dinner, snacks and drinks. Sit on chairs on the lawn, blankets, or park bench. We are getting ready for you.

Stuyvesant Park

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Join us for Movie Night tonight…
“The Birds” at 8PM

The forecast is perfect for movie night. Bring your blanket and picnic and join us on the Northwest lawn.

The movie is Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds”.

Neighbors enjoying the movie.


We look forward to seeing you.

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