Additional Funding from Greenacre Foundation

SPNA is delighted to report that the Greenacre Foundation has agreed to provide a second round of funding of $10,000, which will be used towards Phase 3 of our tree maintenance program. Above are images from Phase 2, which entailed pruning trees that cast a heavy shadow over flower beds, preventing the beds surrounding the fountains from receiving sufficient light and air for the plants to grow.

Phase 3 will focus on the West Park and is tentatively scheduled to take place this summer. The goals of this phase are to:

  • Reduce weight of branch ends
  • Reduce risk of branch failure
  • Reduce likelihood of storm damage
  • Maintain size and shape

We want to thank Eric Anderson of Bartlett Tree Experts for his dedication and enthusiasm for this program.

Thank you also to SPNA board President Jason Money and board member Doris Dieter for making sure we met the deadlines in order to be considered for this funding.

SPNA is very grateful to the Greenacre Foundation for their recognition of the importance of this work and their continued support of our efforts.