Our First Snow of the Season

On January 7th, New York City received approximately five inches of snow over the course of five hours. The first major snowstorm of the season frosted our park with icy beauty, and made the perfect medium for the first snowmen of the year. Below and above are some photos of the park after the storm.

As usual Josie DeJesus, pictured below, showed up before the sun rose ready to dig into the snow and make the park accessible for the community to enjoy. As Josie was the only staff member in on Friday, some SPNA board members and our neighbor, Will (camera shy), pitched in to help shovel the sidewalks and the pathways in the park. Pictured below is President Jason Money with Josie on Second Avenue.

SPNA also purchased two proper snow shovels and, along with the Stuyvesant Park Dog Run, purchased ice melt specifically to be used on the blue stone as it is less corrosive on the material and easier on our furry friends’ paws than the salt Parks uses.