Save our English Elms

English Elm

Last month, we shared how the statues in our park are meticulously cared for by the city’s conservation technicians. They are some of the oldest residents in our park, but our English elms are even older and they need your help.

Stuyvesant Square Park is fortunate to have two heritage English elms that are well over 100 years old. Heritage trees are unique and have irreplaceable ecological, aesthetic, and historical value. The elms in our park are in need of critical professional help. They require extensive pruning, cabling to protect and strengthen them from storms, and other support to ensure they remain healthy for all to enjoy.

Although we’ve raised about $2,200 toward safeguarding these trees, we’re still very short of the $7,000 needed. That’s where we need your help. Donate here on our crowdfunding site. Partnership for Parks will match your generous donation, meaning your efforts will go twice as far!

SPNA relies on your generous donations to keep our park and neighborhood clean, safe, and beautiful. Help us by coming together to protect our park’s unique heritage so that future generations can enjoy its benefits and connect themselves to our shared past.

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