Visit from an Old Friend

Thank You Christy Dailey and Chris Carlone

SPNA wants to thank Christy Dailey, who was a gardener in Stuyvesant Square from 2007-2008, for keeping Stuyvesant Park in her thoughts. She went on to start her own business, christygardens, but always had a special connection to our park.

When the moratorium on volunteering in the park was lifted this past summer, Christy came to volunteer and helped get the Peter Stuyvesant bed (which she had designed) back in shape.

And now, Christy donated and planted 250 tulip bulbs and 25 Leucojum with her assistant Chris Carlone (shown above).

Christy Dailey is a true lover of Stuyvesant Square!

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Leaves, Leaves, and More Leaves

Thank You Josie DeJesus and SPDogs

Stuyvesant Park’s resident dog owners (SPDogs) teamed up with NYC Parks’ Josie DeJesus to take on the huge task of clearing all of the fall leaves in the park. The leaves were raked and ushered into tens of large bags, and they will be used for mulching and composting. We thank Josie and SPDogs for working hard to maintain our park for all of our neighbors and furry friends.

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Campaign to Save Our English Elms

Goal Reached!

Thank you everyone that donated to our campaign to Save Our English Elm Trees! Your generosity raised over $7,000 and has made it possible for us to pay for the critical professional help these 100-year-old trees need to remain healthy for all to enjoy. We also are grateful to Partnership for Parks, which matched up to $2,500 of your donations. The work will take place over the winter, so we can look forward to the elms looking their best this coming spring.

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Autumn in New York Jazz Evening – First Virtual Event

On November 11th SPNA hosted our very! The talented Alex Nguyen and band with Vanisha Gould on vocals preformed a wonderful evening of jazz classics for our commuity and friends. We had 200 registered viewers and some were watching from as far away as Australia! The event raised over $1400 toward the Save Our Elm Trees campaign and eveyone had a great time! Thanks to all that attended.

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Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney’s Statue of Peter Stuyvesant Gets a Bath

Who takes care of New York City’s public monuments? Who ensures that the sculptures in our parks and our public art remain pristine?

New York City’s Department of Art and Antiquities within New York City Parks is responsible for the upkeep of the city’s more than 800 public monuments and numerous temporary exhibitions. Pictured above and to the right is Theo Boggs, a monuments conservation technician, who gave our own Peter Stuyvesant a bath. Theo and his peers also raked out and repointed the stone masonry joints of the platform surrounding the sculpture, and renewed the protective wax coating for both the Peter Stuyvesant and Antonin Dvorak statues.

Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, sculptor of the Peter Stuyvesant statue, was one of only a handful of female sculptors in early 20th-century New York City. She devoted herself to the advancement of women in art, supporting and exhibiting in women-only shows and ensuring that women were included in mixed shows. She is perhaps most well known for founding the Whitney Museum of American Art in 1931, after The Metropolitan Museum of Art refused her donation of 700 modern works of American art because it believed that both America and the modern world had little to offer artistically. A trailblazer, she believed the creative and artistic output the American people, both men and women, were worthy of being exhibited and celebrated.

Today, roughly 80 years after Peter Stuyvesant’s placement in the park, sculptures like those created by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney continue to receive the love and care they need. We are grateful to the Department of Art and Antiquities for their diligence in caring for some of the oldest residents of our park.

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