Our First Snow of the Season

On January 7th, New York City received approximately five inches of snow over the course of five hours. The first major snowstorm of the season frosted our park with icy beauty, and made the perfect medium for the first snowmen of the year. Below and above are some photos of the park after the storm.

As usual Josie DeJesus, pictured below, showed up before the sun rose ready to dig into the snow and make the park accessible for the community to enjoy. As Josie was the only staff member in on Friday, some SPNA board members and our neighbor, Will (camera shy), pitched in to help shovel the sidewalks and the pathways in the park. Pictured below is President Jason Money with Josie on Second Avenue.

SPNA also purchased two proper snow shovels and, along with the Stuyvesant Park Dog Run, purchased ice melt specifically to be used on the blue stone as it is less corrosive on the material and easier on our furry friends’ paws than the salt Parks uses.

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Winter’s Reality Check

Contribution by Lew Widoff

In September, longtime SPNA neighbor Lew Widoff shared a piece about listening to our jazz concerts in the park. Below is his new piece, titled Winter’s Reality Check, which commemorates the annual changing of the leaves and shift to cooler months.

The change is subtle as days are shortened and choices more restrictive. Gone is the energy of growth and freshness. The surroundings have shifted signaling the closing of a cycle. Through instinct and acquired experiences we adapt to the other side of our planet’s journey. It too follows a pre-directed course controlled by the powers of attraction in which we are just passengers. As Spring enriches life… Fall keeps it in perspective. Browns and Oranges and Yellows are given their final fling as they carpet the ground preparing for the change.

Tradition serves to occupy the spirit during this seasonal ride.Family bonds are reinforced as elders share their wisdom of experiences. They are the fixtures that record the marks placed upon the timeline. These are the cycles that represent the Tree of Life. ~ COGNITO

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Goodbye Fall Leaves

Saturday Dog Run Clean-up

On December 4th, NYC Parks and SPNA board member Jeff Fagan with other Stuyvesant Park Dog Run volunteers came together to tidy up the piles of fall leaves in the dog run. The photo above shows NYC Parks’ Crew Chief Josie DeJesus, Jeff Fagan, and volunteers behind some of the 30 bags of leaves they cleared on the busy day.

Volunteers also came out on November 20th to rake leaves and plant tulip bulbs. Below are photos from the November 20th event. We want to thank all the volunteers who came out to plant and rake, as well as NYC Parks’ Josie DeJesus  and Maria Mendez and SPNA board members Doris Dieter, Grace Iannuzzi, and Claire Brennan, for their efforts in keeping Stuyvesant blooming.

Interested in volunteering? Our bi-weekly Gardening Club continues to meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, weather permitting. Masks are required. No experience is necessary.

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Welcoming the Holidays

Tree Lighting and Caroling

Setting up the treesOur Christmas trees are up and shining with light! SPNA was happy to once again purchase two beautiful trees for Stuyvesant Square Park. The trees are now up and shining with light. On Sunday, December 12th, the SPNA community came together for a festive tree lighting to officially commemorate the beginning of the holiday season. SPNA President Jason Money and Council Member Carlina Rivera delivered opening remarks and SPNA provided refreshments. The Kidwell Sisters initiated the countdown and brought holiday cheer and drama with their beautiful performances.

Some photos of the event are included below. You can find more photos and videos on our Instagram page. You can also click on the video below to view a livestream of the entire event.

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Let the Light Shine Bright

Chanukah Candle Lighting

On December 5th, members of the SPNA community and the East End Temple joined together for a celebratory candle lighting, marking the eighth and last night of the festival of Chanukah. Rabbi Joshua Stanton began the event with a short holiday blessing and SPNA provided hot chocolate and traditional jelly doughnuts called sufganiyot. Above is a photo of SPNA President Jason Money and Rabbi Joshua Stanton in front of the resplendent menorah.

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